Let me introduce myself, my name is Françoise DE MARE, I am the mother of 4 grown children, who are also part of the Stella De Mare team. Our solidarity, complicity has always enabled us to emerge victorious from difficult times. It is a family affair! And it is thanks to them that I embarked on this adventure.

From my studies of fashion design in Lyon, Paris and after working for many couturier (Chanel, Dior, Lanvin etc ..), I learned a lot about requirements in the realization of each creation. I then lived many years in NY, Los Angeles (where I had my children), American culture taught me a lot about optimism, success: "if you want, you can;  never give up"

When I returned to France for family reasons, I joined a swimwear company based in Cannes, Monaco and St-Tropez with a high international clientele, I did everything to understand what they wanted, from styling to design &  in-store sales;  which allowed me to improve the collections over the years & understand perfectly what they were looking for.


"I create unique and flattering swimwear that empowers all women and honors sustainable practice"

Each summer I return to the island of beauty (CORSICA) in the south of France for optimal inspiration.  Each color has a code that links our natural beauty to that of natural landscapes.

And, here we are spoiled with the shades of turquoise water, the exceptional seabed, the colors of the rocks, the wild flowers, each element is mixed for my greatest inspiration.

The chic rating of customers from all over the world, the atmosphere of the huts, the musical evenings set the pace for the future collections.

Everything is unique on this island and the names of our swimwear are famous places in Corsica.

3 words to define the brand: Chic, natural, responsible



The complexity is creating swimsuits that embellish your imperfections and make you forget that your body is almost naked.

For me Sublimating women is in my veins and I love it, our goal at Stella de Mare is to make you happy, bright, desirable.


The brand's high standards are also found in the fabrics of great quality.  Italy is my first supplier with their responsible ethics, and I could not ask for better, our jewelry is from France.

I choose them with my feelings and I confuse them with my sketches


Located in Porto, Portugal, the factory with which we collaborate is like a family, each woman is respected, working conditions regulated with very good wages for the improvement of their living conditions. It is a small size factory of only 6 women.