At Stella De Mare, we are passionate with swimwear. Yet, we are protective of our planet. That is why we produce a colorful, comfortable, stylish collection of swimwear created with ECONYL® recycled nylon. We are dedicated to slow fashion, and so, we create the pieces you’ll love and design them to last.

Our dedication to slow fashion means that we approach our line of products differently. We choose to create with the most sustainable and durable materials available, manufactured in small batches so that there is never any waste. We source everything locally and have a special emphasis on the fair treatment of our team, animals and the planet. 

ECONYL® recycled nylon is created from a combination of industrial waste and recycled PET bottles. It is one of the most eco-friendly fabrics in the world today. By choosing ECONYL® recycled nylon as our go-to fabric we are reducing our carbon footprint enormously by minimizing our CO2 emissions. W e are proud to be a 100% sustainable fashion brand that is making a difference, and creating awesome products as we do it.-

Our line is designed in France, our sustainable fabric is sourced in Italy and all the magic happens in Portugal, where our pieces are handcrafted and created. In each of the three countries, we are supporting the local economies and hiring talented professionals from each area that align with our values and vision.

Created in Europe with love, our durable, eco-fashion swimwear is changing the way we think about fashion, how we think about the environment.    



SLOW FASHION- Environment Conscious, Small to medium scale production, Locally Made in Europe, Ethically Handmade 

Sustainable- 100% sustainable company. Using ECONYL® recycled nylon to create timeless pieces to be worn for years to come.-

Inclusive- We create an inclusive line of products that suit all shapes and sizes, with breathtaking patterns that will look beautiful on every woman.

Considerate- From the fabrics we choose to the packaging we use, from the people we work with to the customers we support - we are considerate to the world in everything that we do as a company.

Comfort- As a team, we are consistently creating new and innovative ways to make our line high-quality and high-fashion yet comfortable, durable, and fun to wear. You should feel like wearing your bikini all day long, and we put in every effort to make sure you have the options you need to make that happen.